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Are Keto Channels Being Censored? YES!

Change happens when we stand together and ask for it.

Unhealthy food has been the standard for way to long. If you are tired of being encouraged to eat garbage and ridiculed for eating keto, you may resonate with these videos introduced below. If you do, share it so we can stop the madness.

In the recent years, especially during and after the plandemic, all major online platforms including YouTube have been systematically banning any and all health related information that do not align with the general medical consensus set by pharma industry and Bill Gates funded World Health Organization and in lock step followed by the western governments. The goal is simple: Keep the people sick and depending on the pharmaceuticals.

While any information related to health which doesn’t agree with the WHO guidelines (propaganda) may still exist in the major online platforms, the search engine algorithms make them extremely difficult (almost impossible) to find. Such platforms justify their blatant censorship with the false claim that their intension were to protect viewers against misinformation and that they promote high-quality health information.

Obviously their definition of misinformation is anything that opposes WHO's viewpoint pharma industry and Bill Gates. Conventional medicine doesn’t work for the wellbeing of people, and has never done that since well over 100 years. Its main goal was and remains to destroy the inexpensive traditional natural remedies.

Medical doctors who are programmed by medical schools (Rockefeller initiated well over a century ago), control the information. They are part of the system that meshed them with medical degrees. They indirectly work for pharma industry as they receive commission for each medication or procedure they prescribe. That makes them literally certified drug dealers. The longer people are on drugs the more they get paid.

Doctors purposely don’t get training on nutrition or alternative remedies. How are they supposed to know alternative viewpoints or opinions? They can't and won't !!!

What You Can Learn From the "Open Payments" Site

The information about payments your doctor is receiving from drug and device makers is on a little-known area of the website from the federal Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): Open Payments.

CMS' Open Payments data shows that of the roughly one million doctors in the U.S., over 615,000 received some type of payment from drug and device companies in 2019 to the tune of nearly $2.3 billion. WOW! No wonder doctors won't want that income stream to stop. So no wonder there is censorship going on against KETO as it heals the people inexpensively.

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