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Certain "HEALTHY" Foods Are KILLING Your Energy

The chaos that can get unleashed on your body from your diet is important to understand. Having low energy and brain fog is not only frustrating but it feels debilitating as well. We all have experience with low energy from time to time that has us question if we are losing our drive.

Dr. Steven Gundry's latest book, The Energy Paradox, reveals what's taking place on a cellular level that was affecting the body's energy. He gets into the chaos leaky gut causes and how you can make better choices to restore your energy. Even if you have a healthy diet, Dr. Gundry, a cardiothoracic surgeon, will surprise you.

0:00 | Introduction to Dr. Gundry

1:11 | What is the energy paradox?

4:36 | Chaos from Leaky Gut

7:21 | Activating Immune System

10:37 | Inevitable Leaky Brain

16:54 | 3 components breaking the gut lining

21:02 | Effect of fat on the gut lining

23:07 | Saturated fats in your diet

24:13 | Carnivore diet & fat

26:37 | Post Biotics from the microbiome

30:28 | How gas signals plaque control in arteries

31:43 | Dr. Gundry starts seeing diet as a cure

36:18 | Mitochondria’s traffic jam of energy

39:45 | Eat for your Microbiome not taste

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