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DIY Herbal Tea to Curb Sugar Cravings

Some people are able to cut the sugar and hop right on the keto train, full steam ahead. For others, sugar cravings can be downright painful, especially at the beginning of the low-carb journey. It isn't the worst thing to experience how much control you given sugar over your body. Also, part of the cravings come from a desire for distraction. Emotional eaters will understand this. Pacing around the kitchen, opening the fridge door for the 10th time as if there will suddenly be new snacks in there.

Cutting sugar, when you’re used to eating a lot of it everyday, can cause physical discomfort as your body trying to adjust, and going through actual withdrawal. Herbal teas can be beneficial to you on the keto diet for a variety of reasons. Some herbal tea blends will contain actual tea leaves, others will just contain a variety of herbs, which are still referred to as tea. Generally speaking, unless it has actual tea leaves, there won’t be any caffeine in your herbal tea blend. Some people prefer herbal teas over regular teas because they don’t want caffeine before bed.

Instead of reaching for sugary treats and drinks, try this herbal tea which herbalist Kate August mixes for curbing sugar cravings.

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