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Juicy Lucy: Upscale "Gourmet" Keto Version Of A Minnesota Classic

The Jucy (or Juicy) Lucy is burger style unique to Cedar Ave in South Minneapolis since mid 1950s. "Matt's Bar" and "5-8 Club" claim to be the pioneers of this invention in the land of infinity lakes. The traditional creation involves combining two thin beef patties around American cheese and sealing the edges so that when the burger is cooked, the cheese inside melts and flows into your mouth when you bite through. Jucy Lucy comes with a warning: You need to wait a minute or two at first before you bite in, or it’ll bite back -you’ll get burned.

Chef Janine's upscale ketogenic "gourmet" version of this unique burger style has a few differences compared to the classic Minneapolis "bar food" version.

Chef Janine prepares her decadently delicious griddled Juicy Lucy with ground Wagyu beef -or wagu beef which means literally Japanese cow: “wa” means Japanese, and “gyu” means cow. Wagyu beef is genetically bred to have high quality tender, well-marbled steaks.

She stuffs the two thin wagu patties with American cheese and a secret sauce in the middle.

Instead of grilled onions, Chef Janine uses elegantly thin sliced onion rings combined with thinly sliced kosher pickles - the magical combination.

Another upgrade Chef Janine chooses is the use of our ketogenic bagels grilled on the inside. She serves this delicious burger with a side of ketogenic slaw. You will love it...

This unique bagel burger and other delicious meals are on the Spring "Menu 11" which is scheduled for delivery on Tuesday, May 16. You can place your orders online for Spring "Menu 11" Now:

Bon Appétit

Your Master Keto Chef Janine Lechuga

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