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New Year, New Food Products! Insect Burgers???

Insects have long provided a much-needed source of protein to people all over the globe, and now companies are planning to introduce bug-based burgers and other foodstuffs to the Western market. Would you eat a burger made of maggots, crickets and mealworms?

Although vegetarians wouldn’t eat them—insects are, after all, animals—bug evangelists say the 2,000 or so species of edible critters have a lower carbon footprint and require less land than livestock and many grains. And various breeds have differing characteristics that fans say make them work as a food source:

  • Mealworms are clean, odorless, and rich in minerals and vitamins;

  • crickets and grasshoppers are loaded with protein;

  • fruit fly larvae—most people call them maggots—have a mild taste and light color, so they’re easy to hide in foods;

  • black soldier fly larvae will eat virtually any organic waste.

So, go for it???

More weird news:

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