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People Are Most Likely To Ditch Their Annual Commitment To Themselves On January 19.

Several fitness apps have collectively deemed this date as the "Quitter’s Day."This data is analyzed from 98 million uploaded exercise activities. "Quitter’s Day" is next week folks! What are you going to do???

Millions of people start the new year with the best of intentions, and based on the exercise activities data, we hope more of you can get past the motivational hurdles you face in January.

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A few quick facts!

Happy people are more likely to create (and keep) New Year's Resolutions.

Have you ever stepped on the scale after Christmas to be completely shocked at your weight gain? You're not alone. Losing weight was the second-most-popular New Year's Resolution for 2022. Most likely 2023 will be the same.

People who want to "Do more exercise or improve my fitness" as their New Year's Resolutions are generally the unhappiest.

It's been proven that people who are unfit or overweight score significantly lower on happiness and overall mental health.

People who break their new year's resolutions are more likely to be unhappy.

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