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What is COMFORT KETOVORE Diet? Why Are We Introducing This New Diet?

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

"What is the Ketovore Diet?" you may ask. Well, first you need to find out what is "carnivore diet" and why some people chose to this way of eating.

The carnivore diet is the ultimate elimination diet. The traditional carnivore diet is strictly based on eating animal protein, salt and water. It’s pretty hardcore and it can be challenging but it is an excellent intervention for those who need to heal their bodies. By cutting back to just meat (preferably beef or other ruminant animals***) individuals are able to help heal their gut environment, see weight loss, and general improvement in health.


Our COMFORT KETOVORE diet is an offshoot of the traditional "carnivore" way of eating that allows for a bit more wiggle room. Here is how we design our the recipes for our COMFORT KETOVORE menu for best results:

Our daily calorie intake is around 1,600 calories.
For best results, we recommend 5-6 days of intermittent fasting (max two meals a day) and one day of water fasting while on COMFORT KETOVORE diet.
Our macros are 75 % fat (animal fat, butter, cream, eggs, some occasional dairy), 23 % proteins (meat, seafood) and 2 % carbs (green vegetables, some low carb vegetables like cauliflower, asparagus, etc).
Our total carb amount per day does not exceed 10 grams.

What we regularly use

What we sparingly include

What we exclude

  • Beef***, ground beef, steak, beef liver (no more than once every two weeks due to the high nutrition content)

  • ​Pork, bacon, ham, and sausage

  • Fruits

  • Heavy cream, butter

  • ​Pork rinds (finely ground; used rarely for breading)

  • Nuts and seeds

  • Beef bone broth

  • ​Dairy, such as milk, cheese

  • Plant-based oils

  • Venison***, bison***, and other game meats

  • ​Mainly green leaf vegetables, arugula, kale

  • Vegetables

  • Lamb***

  • Select low-carb vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, green onions, cucumbers)

  • ​Grains

  • Seafood, including salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, shrimp

  • Plant-based meats

  • Chicken, turkey

  • Alcohol and sweetened beverages

  • Eggs

  • ​Beef tallo and lard for searing

*** Ruminant animals are those herbivores whose stomachs are divided into several compartments. Some examples of these animals are cows, sheep, goats, bison, deer. The compartments of the stomachs these herbivores have microorganisms that ferment the cellulose in the vegetables they eat into cud, while eliminating all the toxins which are common to "all" plants.

Why do we introduce the COMFORT KETOVORE menu at this time?

We won't discuss the benefits of the traditional "carnivore" diet in this blog post, except we want to mention that remarkable health benefits have been published about this ultimate elimination diet in the recent years. We urge you to watch informative videos on this topic in order to contemplate how a carnivore diet can benefit your health.

The challenges of a traditional "carnivore" diet are in a nut shell as follows:

  • Public health organizations continue to recommend keeping your red meat intake low. However, remember that they got everything wrong for the last 6 decades including carbs, healthy fats and even the plandemic. You have to overcome the program and do your own research.

  • If you are cooking yourself, and are not an experienced home chef, the traditional carnivore diet may be extremely difficult to follow, and can quickly become repetitive and boring.

  • The traditional carnivore diet is also socially restrictive as you limit your eating to a smaller pool of food. So, you need to set your personal health as the top priority over social eating.

  • Depending on your choices of meats and seafood, the carnivore diet can quickly become expensive.

What do we do differently with COMFORT KETOVORE menu?

  • Our slogan is always "No starving, no planning, no shopping, no cooking, no cleaning!" Just heat and eat!

  • Our macros (75 % fat, 23 % proteins and 2 % carbs) are slightly less restrictive.

  • We use a select number of extremely low-carb and extremely low-toxicity vegetables as side dishes (see the video).

  • All our meats are prime cut, grass-fed, free range, organic.

  • We buy our meats in bulk, thus we get way better pricing than your regular supermarket prices.

  • Our COMFORT KETOVORE meals are prepared with herbs and spices (carnivore diet does not use these plant based flavor enhancers).

  • Every meal is prepared with love, highest culinary attention and quality.

  • Our taste profiles are unique and never mundane.

So, that's what we offer. We recommend that you lead a 3 months ketovore diet and then transition back to our COMFORT KETO program. You will experience tremendous health benefits.

Hit us up when you are ready.

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