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Unappealing "Apeel": Are You Ready To Eat Food Waste To Reduce The Food Waste?

Apeel Sciences, Inc. has deployed their sprayed sealing product worldwide that coats fresh fruits and vegetables with a manufactured material without consumer consent. Apeel's marketing message is all about how "natural" their edible product is (what a pile of BS! The cancerous and inflammatory seed oils are not natural in the first place), and how their goal is to help solve food waste. In reality, this product is designed to maximize profit for grocery store food chains and for Apeel itself as its cheaply-produced product is applied in greater volume across the world.

Apeel makes a coating seal designed to keep the oxygen out of the fruits and veggies to slow the rate at which they spoil. Read more here to understand

  • what Apeel actually contains,

  • why you should be concerned, and

  • how the facts differ from the marketing messages.

No! We aren't really made out of "Star Dust"...

There are several RED FLAGS about this product:

Apeel's seal product is made out of seed oils (inflammatory trans fats are used in many baked goods, canned food, frozen foods, etc.). Actually, the company announced the seal product to be plant based (actually it is "seed oil" based) and edible.
Apeel's seal product is FDA approved for application on all kinds of produce (like the toxic trans fats), both on conventional and organic fresh produce.
Simply put, special industrial processes turn the seed oils (canola, grape seed, soy, ...) into a clear, odorless and tasteless epoxy --similar to booger glue. The product is then turned into powder form for storage and shipping. It is mixed with water at the time of application on the fresh produce. Apeel is applied on the fruits on the tree or after harvest.
According to Apeel's own FDA documents, the manufacturing process which creates Apeel from grape seed oil and other seed oils involves toxic heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, and lead, and also involves toxic solvents like ethyl acetate and heptane. These small appearing amounts of toxins build up in the human body over time and can contribute to countless health conditions.
There are no "LONG TERM HEALTH IMPACT STUDIES" performed on this product (seal)!
The company is fooling us into eating food sealed with this product which may be a month old! WOW!

Fruits and Vegetables Already Being Coated With Apeel

Avocado, cucumber, green beans, asparagus Grapefruit, mandarin, orange, lemon, lime Apple, organic apple

Many other fresh fruits and products (such as berries) are planned to be included in the program.

More Red Flags About This Product

  • Once applied with special spraying equipment on a fruit or vegetable, a thin film of the seal bonds firmly with the outer skin of the produce. The seal CAN NOT BE WASHED OFF (can't be removed) due to the product's glue like adhesive properties!!! After all, it is glue made out of seed oils.

  • The shelf life of an Apeel sealed produce is well over 30 days, according to the company. This is a good thing for the supply chain, and the grocery markets, but not for the consumers. Yes, it is well established that the older the food gets the more living enzymes and nutrients it loses. The good/fresh looking sealed produce becomes a waste product inside.

    • According to the UC Davis research paper published in the "Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture", vegetables lose 15-77% of their Vitamin C content within one week of harvesting.

  • If any kind of pesticides and chemicals are present on the skin of any fresh produce, these impurities will be trapped on the skin of the produce once Apeel coating is applied. And worst of all, these impurities won't be possible to wash off.

  • Apeel's sealant product may be a sure way to preserve food, but it is simply impossible to know when the produce was harvested --thus how old is it. Most likely, the Apeel sealed and 30+ days aged produce will not give you any nutrients.

So, What Do We Do Now?

It seems that it is yet another way of getting people sick worldwide due to the disappearing nutrients in our food.

It is yet another way for Bill Gates, who funded the company by the way, to profit while our health suffers.

Apeel claims that one key benefit of their product is to reduce food waste, while we are encouraged to consume good looking, yet expired waste produce lacking ALL nutrients. Oh joy! We shall be happily eating nutritionally empty produce. Welcome New Word Order!

  1. Apeel, which according to its website, is impossible to wash off, is already applied to fresh fruit and vegetables in 65 countries. Luckily, for now in the USA, the Apeel sealed fresh produce are labeled. As a metabolic therapy focused chef, I, Chef Janine, strongly recommend to avoid any and all fruits or vegetables with this label on it!!!

  2. The most important thing you can do now is spread the word and make your voice heard!

  3. Next thing you do is to PEEL THE SKIN of all fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible as we will soon not be able to distinguish if a fresh produce is coated with Apeel. Avoid all unpeelable fresh produce until this issue is resolved --tomatoes, asparagus, green beans, strawberries, etc.

  4. Shop at your local farmers markets for produce free of Apeel.

  5. Start growing your own vegetables and fruits at any scale. Any small step in that direction is important!

  6. Let your local grocery store manager know --where you shop-- that you will not be buying any products which are sealed with Apeel, and if they continue carrying Apeel contaminated produce, that you are even considering to boycott their business.

  7. Apeel Sciences, Inc. has deployed their sprayed sealing product worldwide that coats fresh fruits and vegetables with a manufactured material without consumer consent. Sign the Petition · Boycott Apeel coated produce worldwide!

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