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Cheers To A Low Carb Oktoberfest

Updated: Oct 4

Oktoberfest is happening just about everywhere right now. Which means: lots of beer, brats, and giant pretzels. But does that mean you should avoid Oktoberfest if you are on a ketogenic diet? Absolutely not.

COMFORT KETO has you covered throughout the month of October. We will feature on our weekly gourmet keto menus (October menus scheduled for delivery on October 10,th, 17th and 24th) one or two truly authentic German meals which are adapted to ketogenic lifestyle. You will be able to celebrate Oktoberfest while comfortably staying low carb!

With all the low-carb beers to choose from, you will need some traditional Oktoberfest eats to go along with them.

And even though massive, carbo-loaded pretzels might be the first thing that comes to mind, they are not what Oktoberfest is all about. Here are a few traditional Bavarian foods which are perfectly low-carb that Chef Janine will be serving for you to enjoy a true Oktoberfest feast!

Crispy Oven Baked Rosemary Chicken Leg

Served On Fall "Menu 6" (Delivery on Tuesday, Oct. 10)

You can't get much more low carb than this! For Oktoberfest, Chef Janine will serve her golden brown baked and crispy traditional rosemary chicken leg with oven baked creamy cabbage wedges.

Bratwurst With Fennel Wedges & Fauxtatoes

Served On Fall "Menu 7" (Delivery on Tuesday, Oct. 17)

Chef Janine will serve bratwurst with oven baked fennel wedges glazed mustard maple (sugar-free), and fauxtatoes (prepared with cauliflower) and caramelized onions on the side.

This meal is filled with incredible flavor!


Served On Fall "Menu 8" (Delivery on Tuesday, Oct. 24)

Jägerschnitzel is one of Germany’s most popular and delicious foods. In celebration of Oktoberfest, Chef Janine will serve her ketogenic style authentic German Jägerschnitzel (hunter schnitzel with mushroom gravy). She breads her thinly ponded pork cutlets with finely ground pork rinds, pan fries them crispy in butter and serves this delight with rich mushroom gravy – that’s Jaegerschnitzel. An absolute delight for your taste buds!

The Pretzel

This is more than likely one to avoid while you’re enjoying the Oktoberfest while on a low carb/ketogenic lifestyle. But you are welcome to bake a low-carn pretzel in the comfort of your home. This recipe from My Keto Kitchen , a fellow keto website, is perhaps the greatest low-carb pretzel recipe we’ve ever found. You get to enjoy that melt-in-your-mouth sensation of a warm pretzel, minus all of the carbs. Yep, this recipe features a pretzel that has just 3g of carbs.

Happy fall and Happy Oktoberfest!
Remember there are plenty of ways to celebrate while staying low carb! Best way is of course ordering COMFORT KETO meals!
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