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Download FREE Keto Snacks Recipes For Super Bowl; Compliments of Chef Janine

With Super Bowl LVIII around the corner (February 11th), having the proper keto snacks is essential to a great shindig.

A tradition unlike any other, the Super Bowl is more than just a game. It’s a moment where fans -friends and family members- sit in front of the flat screen to enjoy two best teams of the NFL season square off.

If you’re like most fans, you won't be watching the game alone. Most likely, you'll be at a Super Bowl party with your friends and/or family, enjoying the game over some low-carb beer and delicious keto snacks.

If you are hosting the big day, you know that it’s all about the food. Fire up the grill and serve the All-American classic burgers that will either melt in your stomach or ease the pain when it comes to watching your team lose. Make sure to buy low carb buns ahead of time. And also some low carb chicken wings....

Is there anything else besides great keto finger food? Oh, of course. The Beer!!!

Here is the link to our blog post listing a few low carb beers we have tasted and liked. You will also find in our blog post links to two third party articles which list calorie-carb info on nearly 4 dozen keto friendly beers:

What’s the perfect Super Bowl party keto menu?

Every party needs finger foods. Here are some recipes and cooking instructions for delicious and easy-to-prepare classic keto finger food items of joy for all. As a keto-er, all you need to do is to download the recipes, follow the preparation instructions step by step, and your shindig will be a hit.

Keto party snacks
Download PDF • 12.15MB

Enjoy the game and your snacks!

Chef Janine Lechuga Master Keto Chef


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