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How Does COMFORT KETO Weekly Gourmet Prepared Meal Program Work?

Thank you for your interest in our COMFORT KETO gourmet prepared meals. Here is a quick summary of key details of our weekly keto meal programs. For more details, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Your online order must be received by Saturday noon. Delivery is following Tuesday.

Weekly changing gourmet COMFORT KETO menus are offered in two different version:

  • The 10 meal "intermittent fasting" version is designed for 5 days x 2 meals a day. The maximum number of meals (10) is designed with maximum freshness in mind. Each 10 meal menu (every week a new seasonally changing compilation of popular Americana and international meals) is made up of 5 different meals. Two servings of each meal is delivered.

  • The 6 meal "one meal a day (OMAD)" version is designed for 6 days x 1 meal a day. Each 6 meal menu is made up of the same meals as offered for the 10 meal version for the current week, meaning the same 5 different meals with one meal served in quantity of two.

Individual meals may be on the menu a few times during the season, especially if several customers request the repetition of a particular meal. Otherwise the rotation cycle is maximum twice in three months.

You will find the nutritional facts, heating instructions, storing instructions, information on macros, calories and ingredients by clicking the image (below) on our website Home page.

You may change the quantities of each meal on the menu up/down as long as you have 6 meals or 10 meals for the week. You notify us at the time of your order. Well over three quarters of our customers order our menus exactly as we offer them, and a quarter of them ask for quantity adjustments.

If to suffer from food sensitivities and allergies, please notify us at the time of your order, and we will gladly take your concerns into consideration. Read more here.

The new menu for the "following week" is published on our website every Monday evening.

On our weekly changing menus, we serve meals in five different categories.

  • In order to provide a balanced amount of vitamins and fibers we serve most popular international salads (or a savory bowls) from different regions/countries of the world such as United States, Greece, Italy, Mexico, France and Asia. All dressings are perfectly ketogenic and produced in house.

  • On every new weekly menu, we strive to include a popular a grab-n-go meal (consumable hot or cold) meal for take-along or on-the-go convenience purposes. These are usually a special sandwich, a wrap sandwich, or a shrink wrapped pizza quiche and the like. We serve American, Mediterranean, Cuban and Asian.

  • We have on the menu every week a totally keto meal for satisfying the sweet cravings of our customers. These may be be a mousse and curd based chia power bowl or a version of crepes. Occasionally we serve some sous-vide egg bites, creamy egg casserole of a delicious international omelet with a side of a hose made keto donut or parfait.

  • Our next general category is an international entrée with beef, chicken or sea food. Our offering for the week may be an Italian, French, south, middle or north European, Greek, Eastern Mediterranean, South American or Asian.

  • Lastly we usually have a popular Americana meal (Cajun, Cali, Southern, Midwest, East Coast deli, etc).

We cover Idyllwild/Beaumont/Banning area, Hemet/San Jacinto area, and Temecula/Murrieta/Wildomar/Lake Elsinore/Menifee area. We don't deliver to Palm Springs and Riverside area at the present time.

You can see detailed information on our current service area here.

Our goal is not rapid growth as we do not intend to cut back our high quality. Our long term customers are a sign of our quality. Again thank you for your interest in our meals. We hope to be of service to you in the weeks to come.



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