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The Keto Sesame Chicken On Cauli Fried Rice; You'll Feel Like You Are in Hong Kong

Fried rice is a dish of made up of cooked rice which is stir-fried in a wok (Chinese frying pan) together with several other ingredients such as eggs and finely chopped vegetables, spices and herbs.

Fried rice was first developed in the 7th century AD in China, and as such all fried rice dishes trace their origins to Chinese fried rice. With time, this Chinese all-in-one tasty dish conquered the world. It is today endlessly adaptable and available everywhere.

True to COMFORT KETO's ketogenic culinary lifestyle offerings, Chef Janine prepares her fried rice with cauli rice and a selection of wonderful ingredients; all keto approved of course. She combines her signature cauli fried rice with sesame chicken, another Chinese delicacy combining sesame oil and sesame seeds. She dresses the chicken breast with a thick, monk fruit sweetened sauce consisting of chicken broth, rice wine vinegar and a shot of sake, topped with toasted sesame seeds. This dish will make you feel like you are in the historic heart of Hong Kong!

In Asia, small side walk pop up restaurants, street vendors moving through the streets with their food carts and street food stands stationed in busy street corners serve countless variations of fried rice often by itself with a selection of optional garnishes and side dishes.

In regular Asian restaurants, fried rice is mostly served as an accompaniment to another dish, meat or seafood.

When prepared at home, Asian families typically include left over ingredients from other dishes in the fried rice.

Fried rice is also popular in the West. American restaurants have invented their own varieties of fried rice.

Latin American and African cuisines include variations on fried rice too.

The original Sesame Chicken dish is believed to have been served for the first time in the 1980s when Hong Kong's now-defunct Red Chamber Restaurant created the dish by masterfully combining roasted sesame seeds with sesame oil. Who would have thought that this is an ultimate combination of two related ingredients.

Chef Janine's ketogenic version of Sesame Chicken is true to the old school Hong Kong version of this delicious dish.

This meal is a nostalgic journey back to Hong Kong when the city was still under British control and the food offered in certain restaurants was perfected to be superbly palatable for the Western expats. You will feel like you are dining in the old Red Chamber Restaurant.

Bon Appétit!

Your Master Keto Chef Janine

Please follow the link or click the below image to check out the full menu (delivery scheduled for Tuesday, March 21) and follow the link below to place your online order by noon Saturday noon, March 18th:

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