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Wanna Stay On Keto During Vacation Or Travel? We Got You!

Summer is here. Many of us are exited about taking their vacation during the next few weeks, and months. Many of us will be travelling. And eating out during our travels will be a challenge if you lead a dedicated ketogenic lifestyle. Here is how you can stay on ketosis while on the road:

COMFORT KETO has the perfect freezable menu for you this year. All meals are perfectly ketogenic and are heat-n-heat. All meals can be vacuum packed upon request.

Here is the freezable heat-n-eat COMFORT KETO menu for you:

All meals can be shrink wrapped for you to take along conveniently. Just let us know... Please check the details of the freezable menu meals at: Besides the COMFORT KETO meals you may take along with you, here are a few other things you can do in order to stay in ketosis while on the road: See our "Knowledge Library" section for more info.

  1. Pack low carb snacks

  2. Master restaurant dining

  3. Use coffee to keep hunger at bay

  4. Try fasting

Please let us know your travel plans so that we can get you well prepared. Enjoy summer friends... Bon appetit.


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