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Chef J9's Top Signature Super Food: Berry Good Chia Power Bowl!

Next week (week of December 13th), we are amping up the comfort level by bringing back Chef J9's number one signature keto power bowl loaded with super foods: the Berry Good Chia Power Bowl!

You won't find this unique creation by Chef J9 anywhere else. This mouthwatering fall specialty is guaranteed to make your taste buds sing in delight.

We make this delicacy with in house double strained Greek Yogurt, organic and hormone-free heavy cream, anti-inflammatory berries (sour cherries when in season), chia seeds loaded with Omega 3s, cacao nibs, almond shavings, (alternatively pumpkin seeds for folks who have nut allergy), unsweetened coconut flakes, a good amount of BHB exogenous ketones, and sweetened with a perfect blend of stevia and monk fruit sweetener.

Check out this delicacy in our "2021 Winter Menu 2" which is available for delivery next Monday, December 13th

Learn here how to turn your regular yogurt into ketogenic Greek yogurt.

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