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Fake Food Series: Fake Tuna Is Coming To a Woke Sushi Restaurant Near You

Another startup, Impact Food is soft launching its plant-based fake fish product, namely bluefin tuna. The plant-based product claims to mimic the taste and texture of premium raw whole-cut tuna for sushi market. The company aims to recreate such qualities of whole fish as the gel-like fatty texture, taste, color, odor, and mouth feel from plants using molecular cell biology. Their biochemical technology combines plant-based protein isolate, including from peas, with starches, algae and "other agents."

The proprietary blend of ingredients and technology platform is supposed to not only mimic the taste and texture of raw tuna closely, but also its nutritional profile. LOL. How is that going to work with all the plant based components loaded with inflammatory Omega-6?

Driving philosophy behind the company's approach is to act now in order to create another plant-based fake meat option to gradually eliminate the "unsustainable" animal-based food system entirely. They claim that their fake fish products will help eliminate the negative impact of animal-based food on the environment, and stop the loss of biodiversity and fish stocks.

While still in development stage, the company is pursuing partnerships with "woke" restaurants in the Bay Area in California to bring their plant-based fake tuna to the market this year. They won't stop there. They plan to create other plant-based seafood, such as crab and salmon using their proprietary biochemical technology.

Like many sushi lovers, we enjoy clean raw seafood sushi for flavor, mouth feel and overall experience. Would you ever be happy with the experience at a sushi restaurant which would serve you fake fish? We don't think so.

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