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Fake Food Series: Is "Oat Milk" To Replace Real Milk?

U.S. sales of Oatly jumped 131% over the last year, to $304 million. U.S. sales of soy milk, rice milk and coconut milk fell over the last year, while almond milk sales rose 9%.

Originally designed as a niche product for people who are lactose intolerant, Oatly is falsely claiming that it's healthier (actually it has no nutritional value) and more environmentally sustainable than cow's milk.

First of all, this product, unlike cow's milk is not a milk. It is oat water mixed with rapeseed oil, the notoriously inflammatory Canola oil. This makes Oatly product a liquid transfat. Furthermore, like all other plant waters which call themselves "milk" -almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, hemp milk, rice milk and coconut milk, it is not milk. It does not contain live enzymes, bio available proteins and carbohydrates and does not have any high quality saturated animal fat.

So, How Is This Stellar Success Happening? Why Now?

1. The assault on dairy industry is underway with incredible amounts of funds from woke celebrities.

In mid 2020, the Swedish oat-milk maker Oatly AB sold a $200 million stake to a group led by private-equity giant Blackstone Group Inc. that includes Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman, former Starbucks Corp. chief Howard Schultz and the entertainment company founded by Jay-Z. The sale of the roughly 10% stake values Oatly at about $2 billion. That is crazy.

2. Partnerships with mega sales platforms push the product on the clueless consumers.

Infused with billions of dollars of investment and partnerships with mega sales platforms -Oatly is sold in the grocery aisle at Target and sold online by Alibaba in China and is on the menu at Starbucks under the new "barista" branding- oat milk's growth is surpassing all other plant-based drinks. Sales through Starbucks is of course no surprise because of the billionaire Howard Schultz connection - former Starbucks CEO.

3. Oatly is extremely aggressive in terms of advertising too. This includes numerous banned ads with misleading, unfounded environmental claims.

The two TV ads -clear LIES as per EPA of the US- a paid-for Facebook post, a paid-for Twitter post and two newspaper ads made various claims about Oatly’s environmental credentials, such as:

  • “Oatly generates 73% less CO2 (carbon dioxide equivalent) vs milk, calculated from grower to grocer”

  • “The dairy and meat industries emit more CO2 than all the world’s planes, trains, cars, boats etc combined”

  • “Today, more than 25% of the world’s greenhouse gases are generated by the food industry, and meat and dairy account for more than half of that.”

  • “If everyone in the world adopted a vegan diet, it would reduce food’s annual greenhouse emissions by 6.6bn metric tons (a 49% reduction). ”

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received 109 complaints, including from the campaign group A Greener World, that the claims were misleading. The ASA ruled that the ads must not appear again.

How has Oatly responded to the ad ban? An Oatly spokesman said: “We’re a science-based company and take pride in being precise, but we could have been clearer. We talk about these things a lot, because we want to make it easy for people to make an informed switch from dairy to oat drink.”

In conclusion, we at Comfort Keto believe that this product is another inflammatory fake food item, and backed with billons of woke dollars, targets to destroy the dairy industry. We also believe that every passing day, more and more people are becoming aware of the evil plan to destroy our natural foods industry and replace it with fake junk.

As a natural ketogenic food lover, we recommend you to stick with the real foods for your coffee: Organic half and half or heavy cream.


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