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How To Make Bulletproof Coffee?

Coffee blended with butter, also known as Bulletproof coffee, is intended to fuel start your day by replacing carb-heavy breakfasts. This coffee drink was originally created by Dave Asprey, an American entrepreneur, and quickly became popular among keto dieters several years back.

A cup of Bulletproof coffee provides the fuel to start your day while offering a low-carb alternative to the carb-laden breakfasts that most people are accustomed to. Its these carb-rich cereals and pastries that tend to disrupt blood sugar levels and leave you craving another sugar ‘fix’ by mid-morning.

How to make bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee combines fresh brewed coffee with unsalted butter and a medium chain triglyceride (MCT oil = cold pressed pure coconut oil). Some folks also add a small amount of ketones in powder form in order to further fortify the mix.

You may consider adding ketogenic/natural sweeteners to taste. Monk fruit sweetener is the one which tastes closest to real sugar, and that's why we prefer it over stevia or erythritol. Nevertheless, some folks may have digestive distress from it, like any other keto/natural sweeteners. Other keto approved sweeteners are xylitol and allulose. Try and see how you feel with different sweeteners.

Note: Please remember that all these natural sweeteners are actually sugar alcohol carbs and will feed your gut bacteria like real sugar. Our recommendation: Better not to use any sweeteners.

The ingredients are blended together and served warm. The Bulletproof coffee looks like and tastes like a creamy latte.


  • Make sure your blender is hot liquid proof.

  • Pour hot water to warm up the container of the blender before poring hot coffee in it for blending.

  • Make sure to cover the container of the blender with a rag to avoid contact with spilling hot mix.

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