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Delicious Comfort Keto Grab-n-Go Jumbo Wrap Sandwich; Life does not get any better!

Here in the Riverside County, we live in the most beautiful region of Southern Cali with our lakes, snow capped mountains, valleys full of orchards and wine yards, and flower covered rolling hills. Our historic towns are not to be forgotten either. Spring is the time to enjoy all the beauty. After an enjoyable scenic walk on a sunny spring day, you need to rest and feed your body. All you need to do to complete your delightful spring day is to find a beautiful shady spot, pull out your gourmet Comfort Keto wrap sandwich and a bottle of sparkling mineral water to reward yourself.

Here is the epic wrap sandwich Chef Janine will be serving next week: The Jumbo Bacon Chicken Wrap Sandwich.

Check the menu and order by following the link below:

Chef Janine will prepare this delicious wrap sandwich with no hormones-no antibiotics chicken breast, strips of crispy bacon, Monterey Jack Cheese, finely cut cabbage, fresh curly lettuce, our house made avocado oil mayo, finely chopped red onion, deliciously crispy kosher pickles and slices of tomato, all wrapped in a low carb lavash bread.

Here are some interesting facts about how "wrap sandwich" became a popular food.

First of all, the sandwich is named after the eighteenth-century English aristocrat John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.

Lord Sandwich is said to have ordered his valet to bring him salt beef between two pieces of toasted bread during long sessions of card games at public gambling houses.

Wrap? While lettuce wraps have long been a popular dish in many parts of the world, the famous baseball-er and former NY Mets manager Bobby Valentine is said to have invented the wrap sandwich in the 1980's. He served the first club sandwich wrap in his restaurant in Stamford, Connecticut. When his toaster broke, he re-imagined to serve his club sandwich with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese wrapped inside a tortilla instead of serving between slices of toasted bread. And the western style wrap sandwich was born...

Soon after, many fast food restaurants followed suit, serving wrap sandwiches across the US, Europe, Middle East and far East like Thailand, etc.


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