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Mediterranean Gyro Wrap for the Week of Dec. 6th

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We are very sensitive to the cultural nuances of the international dishes we prepare in perfectly ketogenic version. All our international recipes are motivated by Chef J9's desire to incorporate true to the authentic flavor profiles into our ketogenic/low-carb meal rotation.

Our Gyro Wrap Sandwich is inspired by eastern Mediterranean/Greek street food where the perfect blend of lamb and beef is marinated in spices, slow roasted to perfection on a vertical rotisserie spit for as long as a day, incorporating a bit of smokey char flavor, carved into thin slices and wrapped up with Feta cheese crumbs and grilled veggies in a perfectly ketogenic special low-carb flatbread for a delicious sandwich.

Our Gyro Wrap Sandwich features all the exotic flavors of eastern Mediterranean like garlic, lemon, crispy fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, grilled vegetables, Feta cheese, yogurt and low-carb flatbread along with a great blend of middle eastern spices, of course. This delicacy is served with a garlicky yogurt sauce and perfectly pickled giardiniera.

As usual, we accept orders until Friday by midnight for next Monday/Tuesday pick/up and delivery.

Bon appétit

Chef J9


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