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"Alice Springs Chicken" Will Make You Lick Your Plate When You're Done!

COMFORT KETO has something very special for you all the way from down under, Australia. The "Alice Springs Chicken" is a dish originally developed by the popular Outback Steakhouse. This delicious meal is named after the third-largest town of the Australian Northern Territory, "Alice Springs." This 25 thousand populated town is located roughly in the geographic center of continental Australia.

This meal is for sure the WOW factor for next week's COMFORT KETO menu. Chef Janine's "Alice Springs Chicken" is the perfect ketogenic interpretation of the original dish served at Outback Steakhouse. Each time we serve this zesty chicken meal every 3-4 months, it always gets rave reviews. This dish will have you licking your plate when you are done. Simply divine!

True to the original "Outback Steakhouse" recipe, Chef Janine marinades the hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken breast in our house-made sugar-free honey-mustard sauce (made with honey extract). She then sautés the breast until it is perfectly tender. Finally, she finishes the chicken in the oven. This Outback inspired chicken is smothered in buttery mushrooms, crispy bacon, and melted cheese. Chef Janine serves this delicious dish with our delicious caulimash and perfectly crisp steamed vegetables on the side. You also get extra house honey-mustard sauce on the side for dipping.

Please click the menu image below to check out the details of all menu items on our summer "Menu 4" for next week (the week of June 27). Please place your online order by Sat. noon, June 24th !!

If you've enjoyed this mouth-watering chicken entrée at Outback Steakhouse, then you know what all the fuss is about. If not, you're in for a treat!

While customers patronizing this popular Aussie restaurant normally go for the steaks, this hearty, rich chicken dish gives every steak on Outback's menu a run for its money!

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