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It's Summer! Eat Like You Are on a Greek Island!

Did you know that kabobs cooked on a skewer over open fire have a 4000 years history, dating back to ancient Greece? The earliest references are attested to 17th century BC Homer.

Everyone who has visited a Greek restaurant has tasted at least once the famous “souvlaki”, a very tasteful dish that has become a trademark of the modern Greek culture along with Greek yogurt and feta cheese.

Next week (the week of June 6), you will get to eat like a Greek on a hot summer day on one of your favorite Greek island.

Whether you take this delicacy along with you to the beach or picnic, or simply enjoy your souvlaki at your leisure at home, our marinated chicken souvlaki (marinated overnight in lemon juice and olive oil along with pinches oregano and thyme) is skewered and grilled over charcoal, and served with low carb pita, fresh garnishes and Mediterranean sauces.

Souvlaki is the perfect summer meal. And you get two of them next week... YAY!

COMFORT KETO summer "Menu 2" for the week of June 6 is now available to order online.

Please follow the link below in order to check out the menu details and also place your online order:

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