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"Kobe Beef Chicken Fried Steak with Bacon Gravy & Mash" On Feb. 14 Menu

Next week, we have a delicacy for you. We were able to score a limited amount of Kobe beef from Japan's Tajima-gyu prefecture. We have "Kobe Beef Chicken Fried Steak with Bacon Gravy & Mash" on the menu for you.

Known for its marbling texture -high amount of intramuscular fat- and supreme flavor, Japanese Kobe beef is sought after by chefs worldwide, and meat connoisseurs alike. Kobe beef comes from purebred Japanese Black Tajima-gyu cattle and is exported directly from Japan in limited quantities.

Though there are many rumors about how the cows are fed and raised – such as the rumor that the cows are massaged daily and given beer to induce a larger appetite – the actual rearing process is a closely guarded secret that few know about. Also, the slaughtering has to be done within the Tajima-gyu prefecture.

Do not miss this opportunity if you have never before tasted Kobe beef. Please place your order by following the link below.

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