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Opening The Fall Season With A Fun and Delicious Japanese Bento Box!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

You might might be familiar with the term bento box. If you haven't heard the term, a bento box is a Japanese-style lunch box with several compartments containing different kinds of proteins, tempura vegetable, and pickled vegetable for a well-balanced refreshing meal. Oftentimes, bento box chefs use different kinds of foods to create a colorful collage of delicious Japanese specialties with different textures, so the consumers get a nice surprise when they open it.

The term "bento" comes from the Chinese word biandang, which means “convenient.” Oh-so-cute bento boxes feature a wonderfully flavorful healthy meals which you can enjoy at home at your dinner table. Bento boxes are also perfect as grab-n-go meals to take along to work, travel, school, or even a picnic.

Chef Janine's whimsy, and creative ketogenic bento box for next week is different than the traditional Japanese which usually features a number of carby/starchy foods (such as rice, noodles, etc.). Of course the COMFORT KETO Bento Box does not have any such carby food items in it. Chef has chosen the following Japanese themed foods to include in next week's fun keto bento box:

  • California rolls with miso poached salmon - we use Japanese style cauli rice and nori (seaweed)

  • Sunomono Japanese cucumber salad - with mini shrimps-

  • Wakame Japanese seaweed salad - fermented seaweed

  • Shrimp and vegetable tempura - breaded with lupin flour

The Fall "Menu 1" is scheduled for DELIVERY on Tuesday, September 5th. Please order online at:

Bon Appetit! Chef Janine Lechuga

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