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The New Year’s Resolutions Are Becoming Categorically Less Resolute!

I am curious. “How many of you set New Year’s Resolutions?” I expect most of you to say that you did, or at least considered setting a few. My next question is: “How many of you are actually keeping those New Year’s Resolutions, as we are already into the second week of the year 2023?”

The reality turns out to be remarkably different. Many of my Facebook friends, including the ones who are goal oriented like me, are not even setting New Year’s Resolutions at all! Many of them are the opinion that they wouldn’t keep them anyway, so why even bother setting any resolutions in the first place?

This is eye opening!

A Brand New Start

I love the excitement of a brand New Year to start fresh. Even the prospect of a brand new period before me to become better than I was, is exiting. My favorite time is the beginning of a brand new year... I know that even if I miss the mark with my new year's resolution(s), I will always end up in a better place at the end of the year than if I had never set goals. I truly believe that without setting goals, our lives lack direction and we don’t even attempt to live up to our full potential.

Here are the two most common New Year’s Resolutions, I, Chef Janine can help you with. I assure you that you can accomplish these goals with ease and in relative comfort (thus COMFORT KETO):

Eat healthy
Manage your weight

A new report suggests that most people don’t stick to their resolutions for very long. According to the findings, people are most likely to ditch their annual commitment to themselves on January 19.

Here are three simple steps you can take to avoid ditching your annual commitment:

1. Just picture yourself at the end of the year.

2. Determine achievable changes you can make that would have the biggest impact.

COMFORT KETO prepared meals program is easy to follow and will have superb impact on your health and weight.

3. Making unrealistic goals will overwhelm you to the point of doing nothing.

You’ll succeed if you WORK ON ONE GOAL AT A TIME and do it for 30 days.

At the end of the 30 days you’ll have established the new habit of eating clean, low carb, natural and totally healthy.

You can accomplish this with ease by integrating COMFORT KETO prepared meals program into your life.



According to a survey among 14 thousand participants, the top 5 most broken new year's resolutions last year were:

  1. Improving diet.

  2. Losing weight.

  3. Doing more exercise to improve fitness.

  4. Giving up smoking.

  5. Quitting drinking entirely.

Failing to improve your diet is in the top 5 of most broken new year's resolutions. But when do you officially fail this new year's resolution? After having a slice of pizza on a cheat day?

Even though this resolution is a bit ambiguous, it's also one of the most difficult resolutions to keep. That is unless you don't seek COMFORT KETO's help.

Here's what one person said about their struggle with new year's resolution:

I've been addicted to sugar for as long as I can remember, and I really wanted to get rid of this constant craving. That's why I planned on going full keto in the new year. I caved after exactly 4 days, when I went to a friend for his birthday. Survey respondent


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