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Want To Feast On The Steak of Kings? "Shrimp Steak Oscar" Is On The Menu

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

You might have seen "Shrimp Steak Oscar" praised on cooking shows. That praise is quite justified. And it is on the COMFORT KETO menu next week!

The story of this luxurious dish begins with 19th century King of Sweden Oscar Frederik. King Oscar invented this decadent dish, Oscar-style: A cut of juicy steak topped with shrimps, topped with emulsified butter sauce (such as Béarnaise or Hollandaise), and adorned with spears of asparagus.

Over time, some chefs replaced the steak even with chicken. Two of the most well known contemporary “steak Oscar” recipes were developed by Delmonico’s and Emeril Lagasse.

Difference Between Hollandaise and Béarnaise Sauce?

Let’s take a closer look at the sauce. Hollandaise is one of those classic French sauces that every chef knows. An egg yolk mixture emulsified with butter and acid (typically lemon juice), it is the foundation of so many other sauces. This is why it is called the “mother sauce.”

One of the most popular sauces derived from the "mother sauce" is Béarnaise sauce, which adds a bit of vinegar, tarragon, and shallot.

For some recipes, we give our Hollandaise sauce a little kick with cayenne pepper.

Craving a special dinner?

Chef Janine doesn't just specialize in Oscar-style steak, either. She loves cooking up all kinds of decadent dishes from all over the world.

Next weeks menu features truly tasty gourmet keto meals.

Please follow the link below to check out the menu details and order for delivery on July 18:

With COMFORT KETO, there is no starving, no planning, no shopping, no cooking, no cleaning! Order next-level fresh and enticing summer accents.

Bon appétit! Your Master Keto Chef Janine Lechuga


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