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Black Pepper Combination Increases Turmeric's Absorption by 2,000 Percent

Turmeric and black pepper are both well known to have several health benefits. Combined, however, the health-promoting properties of these two ingredients are amplified exponentially.

f there’s one thing you can focus on to improve your overall health on a daily basis, it’s finding ways to reduce inflammation in the body. After all, chronic inflammation can lead to fatigue, pain, mood disorders, and GI issues showing up in your day-to-day, and potentially chronic diseases like heart disease or arthritis in the long term.

While there is no magic bullet for fighting inflammation, there are lifestyle habits—such as sufficient sleep, stress management, and a nutrient-rich diet can help to combat inflammation.

There are many anti-inflammatory foods (think: fatty fish rich in omega-3s, fresh produce, nuts, and more). One particularly potent source of antioxidants is the delicious spice turmeric.

Most of the powerful health benefits of turmeric comes from its component "curcumin." Likewise, most of the powerful health benefits of black pepper comes from its alkaloid component "piperine."

On its own, curcumin is poorly absorbed by the body. However, research studies clearly demonstrate that when paired with piperine, curcumin's bio-availability increases significantly, boosting its absorption by 2,000 percent. This pairing allows your body to benefit most efficiently from curcumin. The health benefits range from decreased inflammation to better digestion and beyond.

Major Benefits of Turmeric and Black Pepper Pairing

Potent Weight Loss Aid

Powerful turmeric and black pepper combination boosts fat-burning and prevent weight gain. According to the Biofactors study, curcumin could help block the growth of fat cells, thus reducing obesity. Another animal study showed that administering curcumin and piperine to mice increased fat loss and reduced inflammation.

Inflammation Reduction

Black pepper and turmeric can have a powerful impact on inflammation. The Oncogene study found that curcumin is among the most potent anti-inflammatory compounds. In addition to enhancing the absorption of curcumin, piperine has also its own set of anti-inflammatory effects. An animal study out of Korea found that piperine is effective at reducing several markers of inflammation in rats with arthritis.

Cancer-Fighting Properties

Studies suggest that curcumin could help block the growth and spread of cancer cells while still preserving the viability of healthy cells. Similarly, in test-tube studies, piperine has been shown to help kill off cancer cells and prevent tumor formation.

Digestive Health Benefits

Turmeric and black pepper pairing is frequently used to combat digestive issues and optimize nutrient absorption. Studies show that curcumin could be therapeutic for inflammatory digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Studies have shown that piperine stimulates digestive enzymes in the pancreas, thus help promote proper digestion.

Pain Reduction

Using turmeric and black pepper for arthritis can be an effective way to manage pain and treat symptoms right at the source. This is because, in addition to having anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties, turmeric and black pepper have been shown to act as natural pain relievers as well. An Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine animal study demonstrated that piperine is effective at treating pain in rats after just two hours, even when used in lower doses. Another study out of India found that administering turmeric to post-operative patients helped significantly decrease pain and fatigue.

So, now you know what to eat when you have joint pain.

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