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Your Choice: Self Prep "Or" Prepared Low-Carb Sides For Your Thanksgiving Feast

Whether you are serving a small group or the whole extended family and friends, there's plenty of stress that comes with Thanksgiving dinner. From battling crowds at the grocery store to mid-day meltdown while prepping dishes all day long, to wrangling all your family members, relatives and friends into the dining room. You might get totally exhausted long before it's time to eat.

Here is a realistic timeline for the preparation of the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner. This is about 10 + hours of prepping and cooking/baking, not including the shopping. And ideally, you start the preparation about one week in advance.

Do you have that kind of time for the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner preparation?

On top of all the toil of preparing a truly authentic feast from scratch and trot that turkey out right on time, the traditional Thanksgiving meal is an inherently carb-loaded meal— think stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie. The traditional Thanksgiving meal has also loads of carbs hiding in some not-so-obvious places, like gravy thickened with flour or salad dressing with sugar in it.

A true Thanksgiving meal wouldn't be complete without turkey. It is the crown jewel of your holiday table; so, you provide the turkey and time it right. Comfort Keto does the rest for you.

Chef J9 has put together a delicious set of traditional side dishes to minimize the preparation toil on you, while reducing the carbs drastically in your holiday meal without relying on artificial sweeteners or sacrificing flavor.

If you have a small Thanksgiving gathering, for two for example, worry not. Comfort Keto has got you covered for that too.

All you need to do is to time the heating up of your prepared low-carb side dishes around the turkey, and serve.

Please order by Sunday, November 21st for following Wednesday delivery (November 24).


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