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A Danish Love Affair: Pork tenderloin & Cream!

Chef Janine of COMFORT KETO is bringing to you another delicious gourmet keto meal from the old world Europe for the second time since the start of our prepared meals program in 2020.

The most popular Danish classic that every Dane would recognize as typically Danish prepared with traditional ingredients, hearty and comforting yet also light. The “mørbradgryde” or more internationally: PORK MEDALLIONS IN CREAMY MUSHROOM SAUCE.

In all it’s simplicity, this dish perfectly balances the flavorful pork with the richness of the cream sauce with a slight tang from tomatoes, subtle smoke and saltiness from bacon and meaty notes from sautéed onions and mushrooms.

Chef Janine adds star anise to boost the meaty flavor, a splash of fish sauce for umami accent, a tiny bit of hot sauce, a splash of vinegar to contrast the rich flavors of the sauce and finish with a few drops of orange liqueur. Don't worry, it is still keto!

You will love this moreish meal that every Danish grandmother would make for Sunday lunch (or dinner).

Bon Appétit! Chef Janine

Please place your online order for next week (the week of October 10).

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