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Last Reminder To Thaw Your Turkey And Order Your Sides

As you start planning your Thanksgiving dinner, don’t forget the TWO important steps:

  1. Defrost your frozen turkey.

  2. Order your Thanksgiving dinner sides from Comfort Keto.

How Long Does It Take To Thaw Your Frozen Turkey In The Refrigerator?

Even the most seasoned cooks may not know just how long the process takes.

You should allocate 16 hours of thaw time in the refrigerator for every 4-5 pounds of turkey. That’s about two days for a 15 pound bird.

And don’t worry about starting too early—you can safely store a fully thawed turkey for another two days in the refrigerator.

We do not recommend that you thaw out your turkey on the counter top because that practice invites bacteria to multiply. There are other methods procrastinating cooks use in a pinch, like thawing turkey in a microwave or in warm water. Yet, the safest and healthiest method is waiting it out in your refrigerator.

How About The Sides?

Realistic timeline for the preparation of the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner is about 10 + hours of prepping and cooking/baking, not including the shopping. And ideally, you start the preparation about one week in advance.

Do you have that kind of time for the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner preparation?

This Thanksgiving Comfort Keto takes all of your struggle out of the kitchen. Also, Thanksgiving meal is an inherently carb-loaded meal — think stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie. It can also have carbs hiding in some not-so-obvious places, like gravy thickened with flour or salad dressing with sugar in it. Chef J9 of Comfort Keto has put together a delicious set of traditional side dishes to minimize the carbs in your holiday meal. All you need to do is to bake your turkey, heat up your low-carb side dishes while your baked turkey is resting and serve.

Appetizers? We've got you covered. Sides? Ditto. Vino? Yep. Dessert? Bingo. You bring the turkey. We bring the rest to you the day before Thanksgiving ready to heat and serve! No fuss no muss!

For Two

For Four

No matter if you order for two or for four, you'll still have enough leftovers for a few days!

Please check out and order our Thanksgiving sides menus here: for 2 people or for 4 people.

Please order by midnight on Sunday, November 21st for following Wednesday delivery (November 24).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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