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A Delicious Keto Dish: "Quiche Lorraine" -- Enjoy Warm Or Cold, At Home Or On The Road

The term "Quiche" originates from the German word "Kuchen" which means "cake." The original "Quiche" comes from Lorraine (Lothringen in German), the German ruled medieval kingdom south of Luxembourg where the modern-day cities of Nancy and Metz are located. The French later enhanced the original dish with new ingredients and renamed it "Quiche Lorraine." We can safely claim that Germans invented the bland original version of this dish and French enhanced it with robust flavors and new ingredients to please many different palates throughout the world. Having said that, although "Quiche" is widely considered a French dish, as early as the 13th century Italian cuisine and 14th century English cuisine also used eggs and cream in pastry.

"Quiche" was little known outside Lorraine until the mid-20th century. Although the "Quiche" started gaining popularity in the US, in the early 60’s, it was unfamiliar to the US population. While many Americans associated quiche with breakfast and brunch, the French had a custom of eating a light supper at night -9 pm- which included often a quiche.

The original "Quiche Lorraine" recipe was of an open pie with a filling comprised of egg, cream custard, and bacon. It was only later that cheese was added to the "Quiche Lorraine." Today, it is rather rare to find a restaurant that serves the original/authentic "Quiche Lorraine." Nowadays, many different gourmet and fusion versions are popular, prepared with all kinds of vegetables and protein fillings including smoked salmon and ground beef. Salmon and Leek Quiche, Spinach and Broccoli Quiche and Portobello Quiche are some popular versions, to name a few.

Master Chef Janine of COMFORT KETO invites you to test her ketogenic interpretation of the "QUICHE LORRAINE"; a great French recipe with German roots, a spectacular choice for French/European food lovers.

For this delicious quiche, Chef Janine uses seasonal organic kale and finely chopped onions. It bursts with the wonderful nutmeg aroma and features two kinds of cheese -Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese-, and has a deliciously crispy golden brown crust. COMFORT KETO's Quiche Lorraine is light, filling, and has a wonderfully fluffy melt-in-your-mouth texture.

This dish is fantastic to enjoy warm or cold, at home or on the road.

Please call or text Chef Janine at ‪(951) 292-4332‬ if you are interested in this menu, the ingredients, calories, perfectly keto macros, heating, serving and refrigeration suggestions.

You may also want to visit our website for details and to order online by Saturday, Oct. 22.

Hope to talk to you soon...

Chef Janine Lechuga


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