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Baby It's Cold Outside; Your Comfort Keto "Chicken Tortilla Soup" Is Ready!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Chicken tortilla soup is a delicious Mexican classic. It is most commonly found in Mexico City, although there are plenty of variations of this delicacy distinct to different regions of Mexico. You may find it with a clear chicken broth base or a darker tomato broth option.

Chicken tortilla soup's origins are a bit mysterious. One clue can be found in its alternate name, “sopa azteca,” signaling that its origins may have to do with the ancient Aztec civilization. The state of Tlaxcala near Mexico City is credited with creating this delicious soup, where this soup is most intensely popular today. Wherever the exact origin may be, it was a blending of ancient cultures with the Spanish arrival that helped to spread its popularity around the country, Southern California and other border states with a strong Mexican influence.

This hearty soup is the perfect mixture of shredded chicken, flavorful broth, a touch of spice. The crunchy tortilla kick this delicacy to the next level of heartiness full of amazing flavors and textures. So, what exactly is in a classic bowl of chicken tortilla soup?

Chicken tortilla soup is traditionally made with onion, garlic, pepper, tomato, corn, and chilis. In the ketogenic version, we do not use corn of course. Chef Janine masters the ketogenic version of this supremely excellent culinary masterpiece with home made chicken bone broth - loaded with minerals and collagen as a result of slow cooking for over two days at low temperature. Perfect combination of the vegetables add the distinct flavor the broth.

Chef Janine loads her "super healthy" broth with shredded chicken and low-carb tortilla strips fried crispy in bacon grease. She serves this tasty and filling with sour cream, vedges of seasonal avocado and cheese.

Our "Winter Menu 2" is now ready to order by Saturday noon, Dec. 10th. The delivery is on Tuesday, December 13.

Bon Appétit Chef Janine



Great for the cold weather...

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