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A Greek Tradition To Provide Much-Needed Structure In Times Of Crisis, Fish Cake Wrap Sandwich!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Culinary art throughout Europe, as elsewhere around the globe, is always great for new taste discoveries. If you have not been travelling this summer, worry not. We at Comfort Keto are continuing our World Culinary Tour in the week of October 11th. Next week, I, Chef J9 will take you to places.

While there are countless foodie destinations to consider, I decided to offer next week a memorable Greek specialty: The Greek Fish Cake Wrap Sandwich with remoulade dressing and creamy Mediterranean side salad. In this recipe, we used a delicious blend of Salmon and Halibut, instead of traditional Cod fish.

Funeral traditions are a way to bring peace and comfort to families after losing loved ones. These customs provide much-needed structure in times of crisis. When it comes to Greek Orthodox funeral traditions, there are very specific guidelines. The funeral begins with a nighttime wake before the funeral. The funeral is led by a priest who performs a holy prayer known as the Trisagion Service. After the service, the burial takes place. Once the burial is over, it’s time for celebrating the life of the deceased with the mercy meal, or the makaria.

One important part of the mercy meal (makaria) is eating fish symbolizing Christ's resurrection. The focus of the makaria is on Christ. Why is this the focus? After his resurrection from the dead, Jesus ate fish and bread with his disciples, according to the Gospel of John.

As usual, we accept orders until Friday by midnight for next Monday/Tuesday pick/up and delivery.

Bon Appetite!

Chef J9


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