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EXPOSED: The Shocking Ways Food Companies HIDE Their Health Risks!

We are amidst a metabolic health crisis that has taken the world by force, hijacking our biology, creating cellular dysfunction, and ultimately making us overweight, depressed, infertile, and chronically ill.

Our broken food system and the politics that influence it are to blame. The incentivization of processed grains, refined sugar, seed oils and sugar-sweetened beverages for profit has created an internal breeding ground for inflammation, insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Perhaps the most devastating part of Big Food and Big Soda’s agenda is that it comes at the cost of destroying the cellular and metabolic health of the next generation. Nearly 25 percent of children meet the criteria for pre-diabetes, and 40 percent of children are clinically diagnosed as obese.

On this episode of the The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Calley Means to discuss his viral Tweet stating that he “saw inside the room” of Coca-Cola’s tactics to ensure sugar-sweetened beverage taxes failed and that soda was permitted in government-funded nutrition programs. Calley and Dhru talk about why diet and nutrition guidelines are a bipartisan issue that deserves equal attention from the left and the right.

They also discuss the role of education in health and how research studies, academic institutions, and the media are funded by pharmaceutical and Big Food lobbyists that skew data in favor of their food or drug products. Calley believes educating people on how their body works with access to biofeedback devices and making a healthy lifestyle more accessible are keys to empowerment and the freedom to be able to make informed health choices.

Calley Means is the founder of TrueMed, a company that enables Americans to buy exercise equipment and healthy food with FSA/HSA dollars. He is also the coauthor (with his sister, Dr. Casey Means) of an upcoming book on food as medicine. Earlier in his career, he was a consultant for food and pharma companies and is now exposing the practices they use to weaponize our institutions of trust. He is a graduate of Stanford and Harvard Business School.

In this episode, Dhru and Calley dive into:

  • Calley Mean’s viral tweet about the soda industry’s hidden agenda

  • The biggest lie we’re taught is that health and nutrition need to be complicated -How processed food and nutrition play into mental illness

  • Why the issues of our food system are bigger than politics

  • Calley’s message for policy change is non-tribal and bipartisan

  • Controversies around Ozempic, the “miracle weight-loss drug”

  • How we’ve lost our way when it comes to diet and health care

  • Doctors aren’t incentivized to help people get healthy

  • Calley’s mom’s abrupt cancer diagnosis and how it changed his views on diet, nutrition, and cancer treatment in medicine

  • The tipping point that inspired Calley to pursue a career that educates and empowers people to make good health choices

  • How Calley plans to incentivize health and his company, True Medicine

  • Calley’s newsletter and where to follow him

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