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Take A Trip To Ensenada With Each Bite: The BAJA SHRIMP TACOS

If you are not travelling to Baja this summer, worry not. We are bringing to you the keto version of a wonderful light dish which will sure take you to Ensenada with each bite: The BAJA SHRIMP TACOS!!!

Less than 70 miles from the US border on the Pacific Coast is the popular cruise port city of Ensenada, the home of one of the most popular tacos, the Baja shrimp tacos.

For this delicious taco meal, our master keto Chef Janine, uses soft low carb tortilla shells that she stuffs with crispy Pacific white shrimps. She pairs the shrimps with authentically seasoned cabbage, salsa, and a divine cilantro dressing that’s made from sour cream, Chef Janine's own house made avocado oil mayonnaise, lime juice, cilantro, our house blend of seafood seasoning, and our delicious chili pepper dip.

You can enjoy them with an ice cold light beer, either as a brunch or a late afternoon snack. You’re sure to have a great experience and a better understanding as to why the taco is the ultimate favorite of Mexican cuisine!

Please follow the link to check out the full menu for the week of August 1 and place your online order:

Buen apetito Chef Janine


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