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Dispelling Fiber, Cholesterol, and Saturated Fat Myths with Dr. Zoë Harcombe, PhD

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Dr. Zoë Harcombe, PhD in public health nutrition, an accomplished Obesity Researcher and author, set out in the late 1980s to answer the question why we have an obesity problem, let alone an epidemic, when we all so desperately want to be slim?

Zoë’s first book asked and answered the ‘million dollar’ question from the perspective of an individual. Why do you overeat? When all you want is to be slim was published in 2004 and then completely revised in 2013.

In this video, Dr. Thiago Lusvarghi interviews Dr. Zoë Harcombe.

00:01 US dietary guidelines and their lack of evidence on the relationship between animal protein and various diseases.

02:13 Dr. Zoë Harcombe's interest in diet and research stemmed from her brother's diagnosis of type 1 diabetes

06:27 Dispelling the myth that salt causes metabolic syndrome

08:31 The cholesterol hypothesis is an oversimplification and not helpful for heart disease.

12:43 Red meat does not cause heart disease and the evidence is lacking.

14:47 Choose real food for the nutrients it provides.

18:42 The forceful nature of guidelines promoting plant-based diets leads to frustration among low-carb diet advocates.

20:41 Understanding macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

24:25 Processed foods are designed to be irresistible and cause overeating.

26:13 Food that contains fat contains all three types of fats - saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated.

29:50 Food does not directly clog up your arteries.

31:53 Cholesterol is not an issue at all, it is vital for the body.

35:28 There is no good or bad version of cholesterol, cholesterol is cholesterol.

37:15 The amount of VLDL does not determine the amount of LDL in the body.

40:58 Cholesterol myths and misconceptions .

42:53 CO2 demonization is unwarranted and its impact on the environment is minimal.

46:51 Proper land management is crucial for maintaining topsoil and agricultural productivity.

48:37 The depletion of topsoil and loss of ruminants can accelerate the destruction of the planet.

52:24 Eating a real food diet is important, but eliminating meat is not necessary

54:19 Elimination of processed carbs is the primary benefit to control diabetes.

57:55 Excessive consumption of carbohydrates leads to the body converting them into fat.

59:44 Animal protein is preferred over plant protein for ideal protein intake.

1:03:20 Weight-bearing exercise and low body fat are important for revealing muscles.

1:05:06 Animal protein contains essential amino acids in the right proportions, unlike plant-based protein.

1:08:56 Processed meat becomes unhealthy when other ingredients like sugars, wheat, and fillers are added.

1:10:53 The association between dietary factors and bowel cancer risk is often exaggerated in headlines.

1:14:58 Fiber is an indigestible waste product in the body.

1:16:59 Fiber is a waste product that the body can't digest and may not be beneficial for us.

1:20:25 Fiber and cholesterol myths need to be dispelled.

1:22:18 Questioning the knowledge of those giving out dietary guidelines.

1:26:09 Processed food, particularly vegetable oils, contribute to various health issues.

1:28:06 Avoid consuming processed foods and vegetable oils to maintain a healthy diet.

1:32:03 The risk of developing type two diabetes and muscle damage due to statin use is significant.

1:33:57 The dietary fat guidelines of 30% total fat and 10% saturated fat were set in the name of heart disease.

1:37:37 Humans are smart enough to create their own food and stupid enough to eat it.

1:39:27 3 Unstoppable Traits: Drive, Critical Thinking, Judgment, and Influencing Skills.

1:42:53 Dr. Zoë Harcombe challenges the common narrative about diet and health.

1:44:42 How to connect with Dr. Zoë Harcombe?


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