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Fake Food Series: Plant Based Meat Is Literally A Scam

Unfortunately, plant-based food trend continues to grow as clueless masses get half truths and misinformation presented to them through advertising on TV and social media through industry and government propaganda. People are encouraged people to eat more fruits (loaded with the sneaky, undetectable sugar: Fructose), vegetables (loaded with kidney stone producing oxalates - see, legumes (loaded with carby starch), nuts and seeds (loaded with inflammatory omega-6).

In response to the artificially created consumer demands for plant-based options, companies have been developing plant-based alternatives to staples like meat, eggs and dairy. One of the more popular plant-based groceries on the market is plant-based meat with "Impossible Foods" and "Beyond Meat" being the top sellers in this category.

Impossible Foods struck a deal with Burger King to launch the Impossible Whopper nationally. WOW. Fake food is now openly in fast food.

Clueless folks who turn to plant-based meat believe that there are environmental benefits. This reasoning is total bullsh.t.


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