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Start Your Day With Chef Janine's Most Satisfying Keto "Breakfast Burrito"

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

In the pantheon of great American food inventions, the breakfast burrito stands out undoubtedly as one of the most satisfying and popular culinary innovation to start your day the right way. Breakfast burritos are not only popular as sit-down meals but can be enjoyed on the go anywhere —at the beach, during a hike, even while driving.

There is no singular way to make the breakfast burrito, of course. Chef Janine's ketogenic version of the breakfast burrito is wrapped in our low-carb tortilla, creatively loaded with a delicious combination of scrambled free range eggs, our fresh house made spicy pica salsa and pepper sauce, chopped onions and peppers, slices of avocado, crispy strips of bacon, cubes of ham, a rich Mexican cheese blend, Mexican style spiced cauli rice and most importantly, corned beef brisket for a real flavor-bomb of a burrito—you will be totally surprised with the level of the fantastic flavors partying in your mouth starting with your first bite.

The burrito —"little burro/little donkey"— was invented by Juan Méndez during the Mexican Revolution, when he wrapped his foods in tortillas and traveled on a donkey to sell them, hence the name.

The breakfast burrito most likely originated in the southwest U.S.; the melting pot of American, Mexican, and Latin American cuisines.

The popular Santa Fe, New Mexico restaurant called Tia Sophia’s is said to have started selling its Mexican style breakfast dishes wrapped in burrito.

Whether that was the first breakfast burrito is debatable, but the dish grew in popularity across the southwest and California. Each region developed its own take on this totally satisfying breakfast dish.

Please click the menu image below to check out the details of all menu items on our last summer season "Menu 13" for next week (the week of August 29). Please place your online order by Sat. noon, August 26th !!

Bon Appétit!

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