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Craving For Sweet And Tangy Asian Food? We Can Scratch That Itch.

Chef J9 is inviting the low-carb lovers of Riverside County to open their palate to a wonderful Asian flavor profile; our ketogenic interpretation of the super-healthy and super-tasty Thai dish, the Pad Thai.

There are many versions of Pad Thai. Traditional Pad Thai is loaded with carbs and sugar. Yet, when you crave for something truly nutritious, flavorful and at the same time very low in carbs, Chef J9's ketogenic version of Pad Thai will be your go to meal for next week (week of October 18th), because it tastes just as good as the carb filled original, if not better!

For this dish, Chef J9 has this time chosen to use a unique version of the Shirataki Noodles made out of KELP. When cooked right, this fiber loaded, zero carb noodle made out of konjac root resembles pasta in every way possible!

Keto Pad Thai is one of our favorite Asian dishes. We promise that you'll love the crunch from the peanuts combined with the sweet and salty profiles from our ketogenic sauce prepared with ginger, coconut aminos, lemon grass, lime juice and red pepper flakes. It will also magically become one of your favorite Asian dishes as it will hit all of your taste buds; sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.

As usual, we accept orders until Friday by midnight for next Monday/Tuesday pick/up and delivery.

Bon Appetite!

Chef J9

Bon Appétit.


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