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Every Week, Treat Your Taste Buds to a New Culinary World Tour: FALL MENU 3

Greetings Everyone,

It's your personal Chef J9 (Chef Janine) here with a whole new menu every week. Every week, I will treat your taste buds to a new Culinary World Tour.

With each weekly changing ketogenic/low-carb menu, I will take you to a "ketogenic" experience of tantalizing flavors of diverse world cuisines and cultures. My mouth-watering recipes will strictly follow ketogenic guidelines, yet each recipe will remain as authentic as possible to fast track your experiencing of respective culinary cultures.

My carefully crafted menus will give you one part culture, one part adventure and three parts delicious! Whether you will be enjoying delicacies like a Peruvian Ceviche, diving head first into a fiesta of Mexican flavors, or treating yourself to the sweet, salty and savory of Sri Lanka, each weekly changing menu will sure tempt your taste buds.

Let's have a look at our Fall Menu 3 for the week of September 27th.

Next week, we will hop over the pond to England, then back to the United States with a stop over to Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Starting off this week in Alabama, we bring you two orders of Butter Pecan Pancakes and Sausage Patties. Our fluffy, sweet pancakes are topped with grass fed butter, a healthy serving of chopped pecans and our new Butter Pecan monk fruit sweetened pancake syrup.

Then we hop over to St. Louis Missouri with our Smokehouse plate. You get two baby back pork ribs and one smokehouse hot link and a side of Keto Slaw.

Next we travel to jolly old England to have America's favorite comfort food - The Chicken Pot Pie - Finally on Keto - you get two servings of this creamy chicken pot pie covered in a buttery, flakey and delicious keto crust and a delightful side salad with our own Ranch house buttermilk dressing.

Then it's down to Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico the home of the enchilada to have two servings of our version - the Enchilada chicken platter. A tender chicken breast stewed in Chef J9's own fire roasted enchilada sauce, over grilled peppers and onions and our famous Mexican Cauli rice - Also two cheese enchiladas on the side!

After that we travel over to the home of Don Ho - That's right - Hawaii where America's favorite Asian dish was created - Orange Chicken - crispy, sweet, tangy and delicious. Paired with our Asian inspired pork fried rice - Keu a ka 'ono!

Finally we travel to New Orleans to enjoy two servings of our Harvest Cobb Salad! Tender chicken, pecans, roasted squash, boiled eggs, bleu cheese, tomatoes and bacon - paired with our own sweet and tangy poppy seed dressing to boot.

As always, please place your orders by Friday evening before midnight.

You can view the menu and place your order here:

We sincerely hope you enjoy our meals!

Bon appétit!

Chef J9

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