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Summer Is Finally Here! And So Is Our "Menu 4" Available To Order NOW!

Hello friends,

COMFORT KETO summer "Menu 4" for the week of June 20 is now available to order online.

Please follow the link to check out the menu details and place your online order:

What is on the menu for the week of June 20 (next week)?

Next week, we have 2 servings of our famous tarty "LEMON CHEESECAKE CREPES." We master this thin type of French pancake totally ketogenically, with no sugar or grains (no flour). We fill these delicious crepes with our thick lemon custard pastry cream made with San Jacinto lemons.

Enjoy well chilled.

Next week's menu includes our ketogenic version of Katz' famous Reuben sandwich. We were able to score for your pleasure wonderful kosher/halal, grass fed, hormone and antibiotics free pastrami. Chef Janine's version version of Katz's famous Reuben sandwich features our new "Deli Rye Cheese Waffle" (Chaffle) and is loaded with Swiss cheese, stone ground mustard seeds, golden brown caramelized onion rings, and old school barrel sauerkraut.

Great for a brunch at home, or just take along for a picnic or on your way to the beach.

For next week's menu we were able to score for your pleasure wonderful grass fed, hormone and antibiotics free corned beef brisket. We serve this delicacy with our totally classic tasting faux potato salad mastered from low carb cauliflower. Remember, cauliflower is a "superfood" loaded with sulforaphane that attacks cancer cells and slows the growth of tumors. Our ketogenic corn bread is made with almond flour, cheddar cheese and cream cheese.

Next week, we will serve a first time ketogenic meal: The Mongolian Beef Kabob. For this unique ketogenic meal, we use grass fed, hormone and antibiotics free beef tenderloin tips. For the perfectly keto marinade, we use brown monk fruit sweetener in place of brown sugar, and coconut aminos in place of soy sauce. We serve the grilled tenderloin tips on a delicious combination of fresh spiralized carrots, daikon radish, zucchinis and cucumbers.

At COMFORT KETO health is paramount, produce is pristine, and salad is an art form. Your delicious salad for next week is Chef Janine's "Chopped Italian Salad" which exudes a timeless glamour. We assemble this wonderful salad with crunchy lettuce, fresh produce, sweet tomatoes, red onions, and pepperoncini, and provolone cheese. Our delicious ketogenic house dressing is bold and acidic.

You would spend $38 on this exact salad at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

COMFORT KETO's "Pollo Wet Burrito" mastered by Chef Janine is called wet because it is smothered in our house red chili sauce, and then topped with heaps of melted cheese. Our version of this Mexican American meal is filling, yet quite light as it is filled with with authentically spiced shredded free range chicken, cauli rice and vegetables. Although the culinary history of this popular meal is quite murky, some folks claim that it originated in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In any case, its keto version is undoubtedly perfected by Chef Janine. Bon Appétit Chef Janine


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