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If You Love Pepperoni Pizza As Much As We Do, We Got You Covered!

You don't need to travel all the way to Naples, Italy in order to have an authentic "booklet pizza" (folded to be eaten on the go). If you love pizza as much as we do, we got you covered. Chef Janine's COMFORT KETO version of this popular dish has the Chicago style deep dish pizza feel to it.

Close your eyes and envision an iconic slice of pizza. Chances are it's got air-dried spicy pepperoni on it. This seasoned semi-dry salami in a sea of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese is the most popular pizza topping in America.

Pepperoni salami's popularity in the USA follows the same timeline as pizza's rising popularity as fast food. Today, Americans consume yearly 252 million (yes, million) pounds of pepperoni eaten.

Once considered poor people's food in Italy, pizza was brought to America by Italian immigrants who replicated Italian flavors for the factory workers in cities like New Haven, Boston, Chicago, and New York. The famed Lombardi's in NYC still makes Neopolitan-style pies today.

Today, pepperoni pizza is deeply rooted in American culture. This direct descendant of Italian pie was first introduced to the new continent by immigrants from Naples who opened up and became famous for their pizzerias in many cities including New Haven and Chicago.

Although pepperoni pizza was born in America, the pepperoni dry salami made its debut in Italian-American markets only after the First World War. In the 1930s, sausage, bacon, and other types of salami had been used as the typical pizza toppings. Pepperoni's debut as a pizza topping came much later though in the 1950s. When pizza chains Pizza Hut and Domino's opened their ovens in the 1960s, they looked for an easy-to-store and transport, inexpensively mass-produced topping. Pepperoni fit the bill, and the rest is history.

In her keto pepperoni pizza quiche creation, Chef Janine uses fennel seeds, a spice that grows natively in the Mediterranean region.

Due to its essential oil components, fennel has lots of nutritional and medicinal benefits:

  • Anti-oxidant, reduces inflammation and water retention,

  • Antibacterial and disinfectant

  • Reduces digestive problems, helps cure constipation, combats diarrhea, anti-flatulent

  • Prevents colon and breast cancer

  • Promotes red blood cells production, prevents cardio problems, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Cures respiratory illnesses,

  • Breath freshener

  • Stimulates healthy eyes

  • Improves brain function

  • Supports immune system

  • Reduces obesity

  • Supports bone and skin health

  • Reduces menstrual problems, helps increase the breasts size, boosts women's sex drive

We invite you to experience our summer ketogenic menu next week (week of June 27) featuring internationally celebrated culinary marvels.

Please follow the link to check out the full menu for next week (the week of June 27) and place your online order:

Bon Appétit Chef Janine

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